Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Upcoming topics

Some things I've been meaning to post about:

Another downside of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) -- They need to be recycled because they contain toxic chemicals, where as incandescents can just be thrown away

Eco-mode indicator in hybrids encourages efficient driving and is moving to all toyota cars in future

high efficiency incandescents from GE

should I be running folding @ home?

how to reduce your computer power usage

discussion of new biofuels (unintended effects, costs of production)

rise of the evaluation of computers based on power efficiency

discussion of the power saving black version of google http://blackle.com/

Anybody have any other topics to request?


Sanjay John G. said...

Blackle is a copycat of the first page of:


which has offered google search in color for the longest time!


Graham Miln said...

Hi Bryn,

You will probably be interested in my company's energy saving software and research.

Get in touch if you want review licenses or further details (support@dssw.co.uk).

Energy saving research for office computers

Energy saving software for Mac OS X