Saturday, May 19, 2007

fans and a/c

As it starts to warm up and you think about turning on the a/c try a fan instead.

Patton U2-2003 fan
off 0
peak 314
high 171-176
medium 129-132
low 141-144

E20739 20" box fan 80 watts(starting up)
high 76-77
medium 57
low 42

That's a lot better than 900 watts or more for an air conditioner.
Windchaser PACR9 (SA12059 WA9000-ER) Portable air conditioner 9000BTU 868-906 watts

For those of you with a whole house a/c try opening a window. Greenhouse effect may make it warmer inside than out.

Readers, come to my rescue! Explain to me what the heck the fan setting on my thermostat does. It doesn't seem to do anything best I can tell. Ideally it would just bring in outside air instead of running the compressor, when the outside air is colder than inside, but that doesn't seem to be the case!


bryn said...

I forgot to include that the 20" box fan is your standard cheap box fan from a target or walmart type place. It's made by lasko.

So the real question you should be asking is, how long would the fan have to run to achieve the same amount of cooling as the a/c? Is it 8x as long? if so they use the same energy amount!

Arwen said...

Even better than just a fan:

Who needs air conditioning, anyway??