Friday, May 18, 2007

Kitchen related power use

Other than lighting and air conditioning, some of the biggest power users in your house are found in your kitchen (though according to this TVs are going to pass the kitchen up! )

The big items in the kitchen:

Refrigerator -- probably the biggest, new ones are more efficient than old, draws a minimal amount of power all the time, and more when for a while after you open the door to bring temp back down

Dishwasher -- has to heat water to a very high temperature and swish it around

Electric Stove -- has to get very hot :)
A gas stove doesn't use much electricity, but it does use gas (These are profound illuminations of energy use....I know)

Both stove types will incur increased air conditioning use in the summer as well.

The microwave is a more efficient heater because while it has a very high power draw, it takes less time. My theory is that convection ovens are also more efficient than standard because the energy used to run the fun, is probably less than the energy saved by the even distribution of heat and resulting less cook time.

Some measurements I have made around kitchens:
Braun type 4045 coffee grinder 0 139 (setting 3) -- 99-103 (setting 1) 71-73

Delonghi Alfredo XU120 toaster 657 (broil) light toast (1248) 630-640 (broil) 1200 (light toast) .04 kwh used for light toast cycle

Cuisinart KUA-17 kettle 0 1352-1369

samsung MW5370W microwave 0 1306-1320

A good source of appromixate power use is

So while .04 kwh used for light toast is small it's the bigger items in the kitchen that I haven't measured that make most of the difference.

Practical tips:

Run your dish washer on energy saver dry
Buy an efficient refrigerator
Don't leave the refrigerator door open!

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