Sunday, May 20, 2007

Power measurement of the day - Treadmill

Landice Cardio Trainer L8 (Big treadmill)
off 2 watts
idle 12 - 13
on 46-48 (0.5mph no load)
51-151 (0.5mph 225lb load walking)
113-123 (3mph no load 113-123)
119-457 (225 lb load)
200-209 (6mph 200-209 no load)
220-590 (6mp 225lb load)
518-923 (9mp 225lb load)
342-356 (9mp no load)

It's probably best not to worry about the treadmill though. Knowing most americans you'll end up carrying it up to the attic soon enough. :)

Actually since we are relativistic here, sure not using the treadmill would save energy, but what's the flip side? how much energy is wasted by not using the treadmill? Anybody have power figures on what those crash cart paddles use in hospitals?

Tho on the flip flip side, treadmill might increase your metabolism causing you to eat more food which uses energy resources... gahhh....

Though I feel confident in declaring a victory to.....
The treadmill. Keep it, it's pro environment.


hook up your treadmill as a generator and power your house like this hong kong gym :)

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