Saturday, December 23, 2006

How much power do LCD monitors and TVs use?

Dell 2001FP (20" lcd computer monitor)
39 watts (standby/idle)
42 watts (playing vga video full screen)
29 wats (turning on)

Dell 2000FP (20" lcd computer monitor)
3 watts (off)
3 watts (standby/idle)
50 watts (windows desktop)
47 watts (3d flower box screensaver mostly black screen)
45-47 watts (playing hidef video -- prison break 2x01 720p)
41-42 watts (almost entirely black screen)

Sharp 45GX6U 45" LCD tv (1080P panel doesn't include required A/V box)
0 watts (off)
34 (idle?)
<1 (sleep)
232-236 (nothing on screen)
237-241 (static image)

45GX6U AVC box input box for lcd tv
4 watts (off)
42 watts

The above measurements were made with a kill a watt monitor by electrimetric

Other measurements reported:
mark_1080p from avsforum reports
Sharp LC-32d7u 32" LCD tv 63 watts @ min backlight setting
Sharp LC-37d7u 37" LCD tv 68 watts @ min backlight setting
Samsung LN-S5296 52" Plasma TV 115 watts @ min backlight setting

update 2007-01-19
jils reports:
Panasonic PT-43LC14 (LCD rear projection 720P)
consumes 158-161 watts during use (didn't seem to matter what channel
was being viewed/res).

update 2007-03-01
Sceptre X37SV (-Komodo) off < 1 watt, on 181 watts (idle blue, or full motion video)


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