Thursday, February 26, 2009

CFL buying guide from MSLiving

Unclutterer highlights the CFL buying guide from martha stewart living (insert obligatory passe prison lighting joke here)
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Table and floor lamps: Compact fluorescent in warm white.

Reading and Task Lamps: 23-watt CFL in warm light or daylight.

Recessed Fixtures: CFL in warm white or a halogen.

Some general tips on color size and shape:

Energy-saving bulbs have adopted the shapes, sizes, and appearance of traditional bulbs, making it easier to phase them in.

Warm White
When in doubt, opt for a warm-white CFL, 3,000 degrees Kelvin or lower. It has the color quality most associated with traditional bulbs.

Cool White
This color temperature is best avoided. It washes out skin tones and makes reds, oranges, and browns look muddy.

Daylight Bulb
In general, you should use a daylight bulb only in a reading or task light. The cool, bright tone makes text jump off the page.

To learn even more, read the full guide from Martha Stewart Living.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

new contributor!

Soren from has joined the energy measuring resource quantifying savings suggesting future pontificating environmental investigating blogging team here at electrimetric. If you haven't already check out and check back here for posts from him.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

fancy looking $30 LED bulb

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Featuring an aluminum, curvilinear design, a series of diecast cooling fins dissipate heat from the internal circuitry. Meanwhile, LEDs put out 400 lumens for 50,000 hours while sipping on just 7W.

If you're interested, the bulb is available for $30. Otherwise, you should just try to convince your modder friend to incorporate it into his next case design. Maybe some gross ode to Thomas Edison. [Chinavision via 7gadgets]

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 flushing options coming to a toilet near you

The option for half or full flush is all over europe and canada but nowhere in the states. Here's an option to add it to your existing toiled.
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Although having two built-in flushing options on toilets is nothing new, the Brondell Perfect Flush kit lets you mount the two-button flushing options onto your own toilet, without help from a professional plumber.

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twitter your energy consumption

I want one for every outlet in the house!
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What can you do with Tweet-a-watt? Many things, not the least of which include monitoring your domestic power usage without having to hack your main power grid (handy, especially if you’re a renter). The Tweet-a-watt automatically uploads the data to your Twitter account for sharing, competing or bragging. There’s nothing like a little public accountability to keep us all honest!

Designed by MIT graduate and open-source maven Lima of ladyada, Tweet-a-watt is an open-source hack with a green heart. You can make your own Tweet-a-watt by opening up an off-the-shelf Kill-a-Watt power monitor and making a couple simple modifications - wire an Xbee wirelss module, super capacitor and transmission indicators to the power sensor output, then syc it to an Xbee reciever connected to your PC via USB. Clear as mud? Never fear, has all the details mapped out nicely — with diagrams !

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