Friday, January 26, 2007

Taming the peripheral drain

So you know all those handy peripherals for your computer? the printer? the monitor? the speakers? they all draw power even when they are in standby mode (some models more than others). One way around this is to use a power strip that senses when your computer is off and shuts off the sockets that your peripherals are plugged in to. It watches the power draw for the socket designated for your computer, and then disconnects power to the other sockets (effectively like you had turned off the switch on the power strip)

Here's an example of a product: (power strip with one monitored socket and 5 switched sockets -- made for uk)

I bought this one from amazon:

You'll want to get a power strip for connecting multiple things to the switched socket or a power strip liberator (1 foot extension cord) for something with a wall wart

UPDATE: here's a power strip for sale in the US

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Tom said...

I recently bought one of these wireless power switches. It allows you to control up to 5 power points using a remote control, and I'm using it to switch off the TV etc. when we're not watching it.

Unfortunately, I have to guess how much power that will save as I don't have a power meter like the kill-a-watt, but I figure it should pay itself off in minimum two years.