Friday, January 26, 2007

Charge your cell phone while riding your bike

New gadget enables charging your cell phone while you bike!
[via cnet and gizmodo and ...]

While I don't think it's going to solve the energy crisis, every bit counts!
And for the paranoid, you can use your bike as a charger when doomsday hits (or just a regular old 7 day north carolina ice storm or other power outage)

Plus it enables good fitness by encouraging you to bike!

Though in the trend I'm hoping to create let's analyze this a bit.

Say it's $23 (I have no idea what the price will be), in a pure electricity at market rate trade off (say it's $.23 / KWh) you have to save 100 KWh, which given my cell phone charger using 1 watt for about 4 hours to charge, I'd have to charge my phone with the bike 25,000 times to pay it back. Modifiers: (+ plus indicates a reason that makes this product better - indicates reason it's worse environmentally relative to a pure market rate analysis)
+ Electrical market rates aren't high enough to reflect co2 emissions and running out oil in future and so on
+ body gets benefit, thereby reducing health care costs (health care consumes energy and resources)
- if you have to pedal more or ride your bike to charge your phone you are going to eat more (food production uses energy and resources)
- the actual production of a gadget uses resources and energy (plastic, heat for molding, pcbs have toxic chemicals) which probably aren't reflected completely in the sales price

Note that these modifiers are in now way relative in size in priorities (and in fact some are totally unquantifiable and silly) but I think it's good to explore some of the connected effects

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