Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fiat introduces usb drive and software for improving your lead foot

This is *so* in the spirit of this blog. Collecting data to help you improve how you do things so reduce our resource consumption.
clipped from news.cnet.com

The program will measure a driver's fuel consumption, speed, braking style, and even how efficiently he or she shifts gears with their manual transmission. It seems very similar in functionality to the PLX Kiwi from PLX Devices that plugs in to a car's diagnostics port.

Blue&Me is an onboard computer system currently offered in some Fiats and Alfa Romeos, and possibly soon, in Ford cars, as well. It enables drivers to listen to their MP3 player, make calls on their cell phone, and have text messages read aloud to them. The system includes a USB port, which Fiat has announced could be the key to a 15 percent reduction in a car's CO2 emissions.

But exactly how bad are drivers when it comes to abruptly starting and stopping? And are they really shifting their manual transmission car correctly for optimizing fuel?

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Sonja Foust said...

Know what would be REALLY helpful is if it would yell at you when you're doing something bad. No, wait, maybe that would be counterproductive. Besides, I usually have Robbie in the car for that anyway. :D