Thursday, July 10, 2008

Streetlights with motion sensors!!

Ecogeek reports sharp is coming out with streetlights with motion sensors, but wait before you join me in my hallejulahs, the motion sensors, wait for it..........don't seem to be used to turn the lights off! They seem to be used to sense earthquakes to turn the lights on when there is no power (I guess a normal power outage isn't enough to qualify for turning on)

Please somebody be less lazy than me and read the original article and tell me I'm wrong and these turn off when nobody is moving around them...

UPDATE looking at the page translated by google for the product it doesn't seem like they turn off the lights when no motion. Booo.

Still though, it's nice that they are touting the low energy consumption

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Wigfy said...

It sounds like the motion sensors mentioned are for the motion of the lamp itself and not the objects around it, so I think the best it could do is turn on whenever someone hits the pole (with a car).

I still don't get the point of the motion sensor. If it's night time, wouldn't the light already be on even without the earthquake? Maybe in some parts, they turn the streetlights off in the middle of the night and the motion sensor would bypass that.

If only I know Japanese, I could read what the page really says...