Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CFL t-shirt design

Vote for this shirt design to be made over at threadless


Poor incandescent!


Wigfy said...

Those arrogant CFL's!

Jennifer said...

but, but, but...what about the tshirt where the CFL is depositing trace amounts of mercury into the soil, which then moves into the watershed, and into the fish, and eventually up the food chain into our bodies?

i just wish that the campaigns to make people switch to CFLs would address the need for responsible disposal. i'm holding out for LED technology to get better. until then, i turn the lights off when i'm not in the room, and i enjoy the warm glow of incandescent like the pig that i am.

bryn said...

Indeed tshirts should cover all the externalities when pushing a message!!!

That's why I'm going to make your LED tshirt for you, but I'm going to have to show all the factories using the rare earth metals to manufacture them, and all the sulfuric acid used in wafer production... :)

There's a new lightbulb coming out that is neither CFL nor LED that claims green production, I'm hopefully going to find time to blog about it soon.