Thursday, April 17, 2008

Per capita CO2 emissions

Check out this map of per capita CO2 emissions.

UPDATE: I showed my texas geography ignorance and slandered houston, my apologies!


Tarek said...

If you're talking about the red blotch in western Texas (on the other side of the state from mostly green Houston), I'm guessing that's due to to high emissions from oil extraction, refining, and flaring activities, combined with a very low population.

Lots of emissions / not many people = high per capita emissions.

What's of more interest to me is the geographical distribution of the consumption of the energy and products whose production causes the emissions.

bryn said...

Thanks Tarek! I am embarrassed at my lack of texan geographic knowledge (and my fact checking on this blog post)

I agree that the consumption is much more interesting, though distance of production to consumption would also be interesting.

I've long pondered whether cities (with mass transit and other efficiencies of colocation) are more or less resource intensive than rural areas. It definitely seems from this map that cities are high in co2 production per capity but that doesn't really answer my question.