Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playstation 3 measurements revisited

erac3rX (who is working on a killer gaming setup -- site coming soon at
writes with measurements of the older revision of the playstation 3 to compare to the new revision in the 40GB PS3 posted here

Note the interesting difference between cold start and hot start on booting. Are there really 15 watts or more of fans running? Wow!

PS3 (60GB, one of the latest manufactured)
Off: 1
Booting (cold): 140-145, max 156
Booting (hot): 158-160
Menu (XMB) (cold): 156 at login screen, 163 after logged in and ticker tape running.
Menu (XMB) (hot): 167-169 waiting to login, 175 after logged in w ticker tape running.
Resistance Fall of Man: Cut Scenes: 163-164
Playing first level of RFOM: 180-185, peak 190
RFOM paused: 158-159
Loading Bluray/Menu: 169
play Bluray (House of Flying Daggers ch 14): 169-172
30x Fast Forward: 167-169
Paused bluray: 166-167
Running Folding @ Home: 191 w/ active visualization, 175 screensaved
Web page loading sony store page: 167-169

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