Wednesday, October 10, 2007

G'Day: Australia to Ban All Plasmas & Some LCDs by 2011? - Gizmodo

G'Day: Australia to Ban All Plasmas & Some LCDs by 2011? - Gizmodo

The government in australia is getting in to the energy reduction game. First england takes on wall warts and other things drawing standby power, then california takes on incandescent bulbs and now asutralia is going after power hungry plasmas and some LCDs.

I'm sure the libertarians think people should be making these decisions, but I think given that the full costs of power doesn't include future environmental clean up costs it's probably a good idea for governements to force consumers hands. Disagree with me in the comments!


Skye Forbes said...

I think it's a good idea. People generally never make the right decisions about helping the environment. They think it's a great idea, until someone wants them to give up their "telly" to do it. Go Aussies.

bryn said...

or the flip side "Dad gum government get your hands off my teevee!"

bryn said...

question in from email:

> So Australia would rather have CRTs??? LCDs are about as low power as monitors come, aren't they?

They are only banning the worst offenders of LCDs. LCDs are about as low power as they come except when you design the first generation badly to not turn off when no signal, and to use a lot of standby power, or are 65" so they have a huge fluorescent backlight.
Plasmas use as much energy as CRTs (each pixel is like a tiny crt as I understand it) but they tend to be much bigger than CRTs.